Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Is the Peoria City Liquor Investigator a Cross Dresser?

What the Peoria Pundit won't tell you:

Officer Terry Piatt the subject of crossing orders of protection, with a hair dresser boyfriend, was alos the subject of an incident in Bartonville, where the police report quickly disappeared.

But cops in Bartonville talk to cops in Peoria and the story is that the cops in Bartonville found Piatt naked, hiding behind a refrigerator in that incident.

Meanwhile Officer Piatt, married to a woman, and with two children, PIOUSLY serves his Catholic Parish as a Crisillo Mentor.

It is believed that Piatt's wife finally had enough after the Order of Protection incident.

Now Piatt's job with the Police Department, is as the Liquor Investigator. Which means that he investigates complaints about bars and such. Sources downtown complain that Piatt could have and should have shut the places that were owned by Roger Heim and Todd Scholl. Those were the places that the ghetto crowd went when the City of Peoria tore down the ghetto bars that were in the way of O'Brien Field.

If you didn't know, Heim and Scholl are members of Peoria's local Velvet Mafia. And now you know they had their guy inside the police department...and in Vice no less.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

How Blind to the Obvious

1. Isn't the water in Peoria Heights, owned by the Heights Village?

2. Aren't their rates considerable lower than Peoria?

3. Why couldn't the Peoria fire and public works department manage a publicly owned water company? They are all trained at handling heavy equipment, turning water mains on and off, pumping water, etc. Then they would just contract out the water purification and billing to the Greater Peoria Sanitation District.

Perhaps Tony can get Jimmy to change his vote so that Tony can get back a fire station.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Comment notes

pollypeoria said...

What exactly does the water company buy out attempt have to do with neglected Peoria properties and the slum lords who own them?

9:12 AM

The average voter hears how Peoria can't quickly get rid of a drug house, can't improve the School District enough to stop white flight, gives away money on stupid projects and they think that Peoria is the last City that should let it's politicians run a water company.

Was the water company buyout referendum, a vote against the principal of the public ownership of this particular monopoly utility, or rather a NO CONFIDENCE voite as to that current City Council's ability to appropriately make the decision to buy and to manage such an investment.

The City of Peoria voters have long suffered fools into public office. Peoria voters should be ashamed that the people they elected, were not trustworthy.

Anonymous said...

Peoria should be ashamed not only of the water company fiasco and the way it has been handled (Is it a good deal for the citizens or not? We really don't know!) and the slumlords tolerated, demolition of historic properties, but also of something very serious, police harassment of people peacefully demonstrating on public right of way.

On Aug. 24, PETA demonstrators came to town to demonstrate against meat eating, and in favor of vegetarian diets. The demonstration was halted and they were arrested immediately by a dozen police with 4 squad cars.

Police can't seem to handle the unsolved murders in this town, but love to pick on peaceful demonstrators. The police also harassed PETA's local supporters who were peacefully handing out small leaflets on the public sidewalk -- and threatened them with arrest if they didn't leave. Their First Amendment rights were clearly violated! Disgusting.

5:25 PM

pollypeoria said...

Can't be nekkid (or semi naked) when you protest. Also, you have to get a permit and you can't get in the way of those trying to get back to work on time following their lunch break. I wish I had been there. I would have pointed and laughed while eating a hot dog from a street vendor.

7:08 AM

PETP - Peoria for the Ethical Treatment of Peoria

The police should be investigating gangs and murders instead of arresting peaceful PETA protesters. A dozen cops, 4 squad cars tied up much of Wed. afternoon to arrest PETA protesters and threaten other citizens.)But there's no risk in arresting peaceful protestors. Little work, really, also. And no court appearances since the charges likely will be dropped.

Posted by Anonymous to Shame on Peoria at 8/27/2005 08:27:33 AM

Saturday, August 27, 2005

2 more homocides

Peoria added two more murders to the year's total, last night. It should be on the news later today. Anyone for any bets on area of town, demographics of the victims, the suspected perps. The obvious betting line is for a YBM on YBM shooting and that both are involved in illegal activity that led to the homocide.

Wasn't there some group of mothers out to stop this, that received local press coverage a few months back.

Wondering how they measure success?

But if you are unable to stop a gang presence in your neighborhood, how are you going to stop them from killing each other?

Sunday, August 21, 2005

If the Council votes not to buy the water company here is why:

1. Spears won't vote for it, because he is afraid that Dave Koehler might use it against him in a Democratic Primary for State Rep, that Spears would vote against 82% of his constiuents. Never mind that he would be voting to reduce by 65% the next rate increase by ILAWC.

2. Spears won't vote for it because he is afraid that Aaron Schock might use it against him in the general election for State Rep, that Spears would vote against 82% of his constiuents.

3. George Jacob won't vote for it, because Spears is the one, without leaving fingerprints, just political and family DNA, all over getting the legislature to make it okay for an elected official to own an alcohol distributorship. Actually that is not the reason. If George wanted to be a stateman, he would vote for it and go against the conventional (chicken shit politician) wisdom, but having gotten a taste of the political limelight, George may not think he should gamble this vote into becoming a "half-termer."

4. Eric Turner won't vote for it, because he too is "afraid" of voters. All these guys can count is votes. For budgetsake, we wish they could count other figures. But votes seem to be the only figures they were ever afraid of. Funny, no problem when it was giving dollars to big developers, but to actually make a purchase that would benefit everyone in Peoria who pays a water bill, he can't figure that one.

5. Morris, is also torn, between the Chamber of Commerce which supports the buyout and the 82% of voters in the referendum.

6. Nitchting is supposedly, philosophically opposed to taking the water business away from private enterprise. But until he is on record supporting the rest of us drilling wells in our back yards, he is infact supporting a raping of consumers, by a government created monopoly that would make Nikita Krushev proud.

7. Ardis has always been against. Maybe he can be a real leader and change his mind.

An ironic look to all of this, is that had the biggest supporter of the Water Buyout, David Ransberg, not been such a little liar on all kinds of piddling crap, the buyout would have started with a much higher level of credibility. But like the boy who cried wolf, too many did not trust him, when he was finally telling the truth. Not about what he thought the price would be, but rather the financial sense of buying rather than being a captive, monopolized consumer. Likewise with Thetford and Teplitz.

We are betting there is a distinct change in that 82% from last Spring, and if some poll numbers would show those in favor within a striking distance as in the low 40%, the four "campaigners" on the council that are watching the polls just might switch their vote.

Or maybe some could talk to Davey and Aaron and get them to agree (in writing) not to make this an issue in the election for Billy.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Big Litter?????????

Ahhhhhhh Chief Settingsgard, I really appreciate the policeman who gave the woman the ticket for littering when she threw a butt out of her car. Do you suppose you could assign him to this? LOOK outside your office window as this pic was taken 1/2 block from Peoria Police Department on Friday. It is of an object much bigger than a cigarette butt that I don't beleive belongs on the sidewalk blocking people walking or God forbid a disabled person trying to get to the ballpark.

New Urban Upscale Image

My 19 yo took this picture after going to Thursday night's Thirsty Thursday Chief's ball game to grab a couple beers (hahahaha). Seems this Mercedes Benz 320 was parked three spaces south of main entrance on Jefferson and it's owner was gripping how he couldn't get in his drivers side door because of the tall weeds growing out of the street so he and his business buddies could race back to Morton after game. Isn't it interesting how Peoria will spend millions of dollars on ballparks to create an image only to have the image of tall weeds to out of town MB's the image the remember?

Sunday, August 07, 2005

1001 NE Monroe

How tough would it be to at least scrape the paint around and over the door. The rest is brick. But puuullllllleeeeeaaaaasssseeee, make this building look like someone is actually doing something with it. It is on a busy throughway and across from Morton Square park.

1000 NE Madison

Perhaps if we had left the owner of this property (Gene Gathers) as the Director of PHA, Taft would be as vacant as this property has been for the last 5 years. Before that it was crack and 'hos, so one could suppose that "just blighted" is preferable. But it is too bad. This house was quite grand in its day.

Demolition by Neglect?

This property is being set up for demolition. Don't know the last time someone occupied it, but the roof substrate is showing and one can only wonder how much plaster is begining to fall from the ceilings. Thank goodness for a dry summer.

Peorias Picture of Diversity: playground on the left - porn shop on the right

This is the Bus Station in downtown Peoria. The porn shop (SWINGERS WORLD) was there first, so we guess that makes it okay to put playground equipment (YWCA) a street away. But if the kiddie park was there first, that would be a NO, NO, NO! And you thought DISCRIMINATION DIDN'T PLAY IN PEORIA.

Ever wondered what the heck that slogan on the building has to do with anything, "EMPOWERING WOMEN. ELIMINATING RACISM" First of all, to quote Jock Ewing (this should date me for you), "No-one gives you power. You take it." And to quote William Raspberry, in Peoria, speaking for the NAACP, (I paraphrase) "You will never eliminate racism. It is like the rain. Get a slicker."

But of course, Peoria has to plaster a publicly financed building with sentiments appealing to those living in a culture of victimization and those bureaucrats that making a living, pimping the plight of the powerless and racismed.

1810 N. Bigelow

This house was purchased for less than $10,000.00. Note the Victorian scalloping, diamonds and rainboc colors. Also note the balance and symetry of the windows and flower boxes that match the width of the windows. Habitat, they'd have put the same width of flower boxes under each window and figured the more flower space, the better.
Which house would you rather live across from, the goofy looking Habitat house, or this decorative showcase?

BTW: this is councilman Sandberg's home. He spent less on it than Ransberg spent on out of town political consultants.